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Welcome to HARDTOPnet's Minecraft page.

HARDTOPnet's designing texture packs and various tools and scripts for the Java, Bedrock, and Pocket editions of Minecraft.

Our packs have started gathering widespread recognition thanks to their exhaustive LabPBR support, attention to detail, and great balance between photographic textures, 3D modelling, and procedural generation.

The Vanillaccurate and Realaccurate packs have been praised by lots of Youtubers like AsianHalfSquat, FernFox or 1Tech; and is also the pack Sonic Ether recommends for his SEUS PTGI HRR 2.1 shader.

Whichever style suits you best, HARDTOPnet has a pack that might fill the bill.

HARDTOPnet also designs tools and scripts for Minecraft. The SkoMC toolbox is a program that's intended for resourcepack enthusiasts or professionals to help them author and convert their packs to various formats, or perform checks or apply various adjustments on whole packs at once.

Current public pages for HARDTOPnet products

Vanillaccurate official blog
Vanillaccurate on CurseForge
Realaccurate on CurseForge
ToonAccurate on CurseForge

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