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Kappa v3.0 shader

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HardTop RP Converter ad-free

You’ll find a quick tutorial here.
In most cases you don’t need the converter at all, you’ll find all you could need in the download pages.

Vanilla Upscale Scripts

These scripts allow you to upscale default Minecraft resourcepacks to your desired resolution.
This is useful for shaders like SEUS PTGI that requires all blocks to be the same resolution for POM and reflections to work.
If you have an incomplete pack and notice issues on missing blocks (falling back to vanilla textures), then use these.

SkoMC / Swiss Knife O'Mine(craft)

This application is currently under development, and brings a range of useful tools to Minecraft users and artists.
It can generate high-res, detailed resourcepacks from a vanilla 16x16 pack (or any custom low-res one really).
It also has various conversion capacities to adjust texture formats and to accomodate Minecraft versions.

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