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Kappa v3.0 shader

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Patreon-specific downloads for


Vanillaccurate RTX
Realaccurate RTX
ToonAccurate RTX

Vanillaccurate OSBES

Realaccurate OSBES


You can also find the public download page with demos here.

Instructions and how-to's
Public packs

Vanillaccurate > 2K

Vanillaccurate RTX

Vanillaccurate OSBES

Vanillaccurate add-ons (CTM, items-mobs, BoP)

Stone patrons

in addition to the public perks...

ToonAccurate 32x and 64x

Tools (converter)

Iron patrons

in addition to the stone perks...

Realaccurate > 512x

ToonAccurate > 512x

Realaccurate RTX > 512x

ToonAccurate RTX > 512x

Gold patrons

in addition to the iron perks...

Realaccurate > 2K

Realaccurate RTX experimentals

Realaccurate OSBES

all Java packs early access downloads

all Bedrock RTX packs early access downloads

Diamond patrons

in addition to the gold perks...

SkoMC early access versions

early access versions for all upcoming apps

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